crow Mrs. Crow
Mayde Creek Junior High
Last day to take an AR test for the 4th 6 weeks is Wednesday, February 14th.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Story of My Life Vocabulary Practice
Practice new vocabulary for the test Aug 24th!
Unlikely Heroine Vocabulary
Vocabulary Test Thurs., Sept. 7th
Banner in the Sky Ch.1-3 Vocab.
Pre-AP; test Thursday (Vocab and Comprehension Ch. 1-5)
Banner in the Sky Ch. 4-7 Vocabulary
Vocab. test Thurs., Sept. 14th
Three Strong Women Vocabulary
Test Wed., Sept., 13th (Vocab. and Story questions)
Banner Ch 13-16 Vocab Practice
Test Tues., Sept 26th
Master and Pupil Vocabulary
Test Tuesday, Sept 26th
Banner Vocab. Ch 17-19
The Cay Ch 1-2 Vocabulary
11 words: Test Tuesday Oct. 17th
The Cay Ch 3-4 Vocabulary
Ch 1-4 Wrinkle in Time Vocab.
Wrinkle Ch 8-12 Vocabulary
Test Monday, Dec. 11th
Zlata's Vocab Part II
Zlata's Vocab. Pt. I
Pinballs Ch 7-12 Vocabulary
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