Pequenakonck Elementary School  
                                            May 18, 2005
Dear Parents and Students!

     May has so quickly arrived and there is experiencing a touch of "Spring Fever" in the air.
     We have completed our study of the Erie Canal era and the students are now knee-deep into electricity and butterflies.  We are enjoying, and learning even more from, their individual electricity projects.  We have lighthouses, homes that light up, trivia games, models of heads that light up and many other very creative projects that demonstrate series and parallel circuits.  Wait til you see our own personal junkyard, with a working electromagnet! The optional book reports, to earn extra credit in science, are due on Monday, May 23rd.

    In math we are completing our study of geometry (stop by to see our symmetry bulletin board in the hall) and relaxing from the completion of the state math test. The state science test is coming up during the week of May 23-27th.  Believe it or not, the students are looking forward to it!  The format is a bit different from other tests and is fun for the students to do so many hands-on tasks.
    Our next field trip is to Ellis Island, June 15th.  Chaperones, chosen from a pool of volunteers, will be announced on May 19th.
     Students are asked to continue using their homework planners diligently.  It will definitely help keep them on top of their assignments and help with general organization. Please take the time to check the planners regularly to see what assignments they are doing and to see if there are any communications from me to you that may have been missed.  This is a great way for us to stay in touch on a regular basis. The pink calendars for May are also a great tool to guide you through the general schedule for our class assignments and events.  Check with your child if you still have not received yours.
IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER:(check regularly for further updates; test dates are subject to change)
    --weekly spelling test (lesson #29--5/20 and #30 5/26)
    --field trip money due--5/18
    --Electricity test:5/23rd
    --NO SCHOOL: May 30: Memorial Day
     Parents, please continue to check your child's homework planner daily. Feel free to contact me via email, phone (my extention is 3110) or drop me a note if you have questions.

Mrs. Crump
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