crusaders The Crusaders
Sierra Middle School 7th Grade Interdisciplinary Team
May 27, 2000

Eight days and counting!  This is a hard time for students and teachers.  The end is near, so to speak, yet we still have so much to do.  It's hard to stay focused, but we must excercise self-control here.  We're not finished until June 8!

Each year the Crusader teachers have rewarded outstanding student behavior during quarter 4 with a swim party at Lincoln high school.  This year (for reasons that are unknown to me), we are unable to use the pool.  Since many of our students have shown us that they deserve a treat, we put our heads together and came up with another idea.  So...

Friday, June 2, after lunch, will be our first Crusader Field Day.  We will divide everyone into 4 teams to compete in 8 different  events:  Crusader Charades, Water balloon toss, Balloon pop relay, the Rubber Chicken toss, Questioning Leapfrog relay, crawling sprinkler race, the potato bucket race and more.  Following the competition, there will be an award ceremony and ice cream.  We think this will be a totally fun event, and a neat way to bring the year to a close. 

Parents are invited to come and cheer their students on (or help out, if you like...hint, hint!)  if you  would like to help, please e-mail Mrs. Hambrick at, or call 953-8749.

Thanks so much!!
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