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Sierra Middle School Crusaders History Teacher
Ok.  You did it!  It's over!  You're now eighth graders!  Congratulations!

I finished grading all the murals today.  Mural grades and quarter grades are posted in my classroom window, and will stay there until the end of next week.  When figuring quarter grades, I excused Islam work for the half dozen of you who completed every assignment this quarter, and dropped the two lowest assessment and one lowest assignment grades. 

Leah, our office manager, agreed to keep the murals in the office until the end of next week.  So, if you want your mural, head over to the office and pick it up by June 15.  AFter that, it will be gone forever. 

The exceptions to this are Sarah Munoz and Amanda Kroon, whose murals I'd love to add to my collection.

If you feel there is an error in your grade, please let me know asap so we can go over everything. 

I've enjoyed knowing  all of you, and wish EVERYONE a wonderful summer vacation.


Mrs. Hambrick
Virtutis gloria merces
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