crystals Mrs Sow
The Chinese High School Chemistry teacher
Have you completed the following activity?

1)  fieldtrip report for 3H and 3I.
2)  report on science talks and seminars you attended.
3)  literature review
4)  IT lesson package
5)  register for Projects Day 2000.

Topics of coming tests for Sec 3:

1)  Atomic Structure
2)  Bonding

Topics of coming test for Sec 4K:
1) Bonding
2) Metals

Ranking of the 5 proed classes in chemistry:
Test 1:
1) 3I
2) 3H
3) 3G
4) 3F
5) 3E

Test 2
1) 3H
2) 3I
3) 3G
4) 3E
5) 3F
My Quia activities and quizzes
Periodic Table
Game on Periodic Table
Challenges in Atomic Structure, Bonding, Acids, Bases and Salts and Qualitative Analysis.
Game on Particulate Nature of Matter
Experimental techniques
Experimental Techniques
Atomic Structure and Bonding
Atomic Structure and Bonding
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