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characterics of a mineral?
1. must be made by nature.
2. must have a crystal pattern.
3. must be an organic (non-living) solid.
4. must have a certain chemicalcomposition.

What is a rock?
A rock is a mixture of minerals and elements.

how to indentefy a mineral?
1. color, usually not helpful unless the color is  different.
                      example: yellow, red
2. the luster,the way that a rock reflects the light.
They are two kinds of luster.
a. metallic luster, appears shiny like a metal.
b. non-metallic luster, dull, and does not look like a  metal.. may also look pearly, silky, glassy, or transparant.
3.steak: the color of a color or mineral poder.
4. hardness: how easily or difficult it is to scratch a mineral a mineral's resistance to breaking.
5. cleavage: a mineral that breaks along a smooth, flat surface.
6. fracture: a mineral that breaks rough and jagged.
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Another thing that rocks can do,
metamorphic rock: a rock that changes by heat of the earth's crust.


LAVA: Volcanic liquid (really hot) OUT of the earth's crust.
MAGMA: volcanic liquid (hot, too) INSIDE of the earth's crust.  

igneous: rocks that form as molten materials cool
ex: pumice, granite

metamorphic rocks: rocks that change by heat and pressure.

granite -> gneiss
shale-> slate
sandstone -> quartzize

sedimentary rocks : rocks formed when sediments combine into solid rock:A. two ways sed. rock form:
1. compation : sedimet\nts are pressed tightly enough to form a rock.
2. cementation : sedimentds that have been together to form a rock.

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