cskillsfive Miss Hase
English Language Training Institute, UNCC C-Skills/Level 5
Welcome to C-Skills Level 5

Spring 2000

Objective: This course is designed to help you improve your listening/speaking skills in English through a variety of activities that focus on intellectually challenging themes that reflect todays issues.

Textbooks: NorthStar
                    Pronunciation Plus

Attendence:  The University requires that a student attend at least 80% of all class days in order to pass the course. If you have more than 5 absences at midterm or 11 absences at the end of the term, you will recieve an F.

Evaluation: Class Participation 30%
                     Listening/Speaking Homework  20%
                     Presentations   40%
                     Vocabulary Quizzes 10%

Weekly Schedule

Jan. 24-28              Unit 1  Advertising on the Air
Jan. 31-Feb.4         Unit 2  Traveling Through Time Zones
Feb. 7-11                Unit 3  Too Good to be True
Feb. 14-18              Unit 4  If You Can't Beat 'Em...
Feb. 21-25              Unit 5  Understanding Accents
Feb. 28-March 3     Unit 6  Working With Aids Patients
March 6-10              **** BREAK ****************
March 13-17             Unit 7  Engine Trouble
March 20-24             Unit 8  You Are What You Wear
March 27-31             Unit 9  To Spank or Not to Spank
April 3-8                    Unit 10  A Marriage Agreement
April 10-14
April 17-21             **** Presentations ********
April 24-28             **** Review ***************
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