ctrcintro Ms. Patton
Community Technology Resource Center (Kenfield) Director
Welcome to Community Technology Resource Center's Online Classroom Connection (CTRC/OCC)!

This fun-filled educational resource is where students enrolled in our FREE after-school learning programs come to participate in online quizzes, games and activities. And where parents can view what kids are doing and learning, at CTRC.

For their part, CTRC Learning Program students must arrive ready-and-willing to learn. They also must adopt and exemplify the Nonprofit's commitment to Personal and Community Excellence. A "pledge" to do just that is administered at commencement of a class's group training, and recited again upon completion of a Learning Program. Certificates of Completion are issued, as well. CTRC youth are expected to adhere to this oath for the duration of their learning program, and may be barred from (future) attendance in either Learning Program classes, Community Technology workshops and/or Open Access sessions, if found to be in violation.

Our "Community Technology Pledge" reads:

"I am a member of my community. I can do my best, to be my best, and be a credit to my community. Community Technology Resource Center belongs to my community. Because of this simple fact, my community has a unique opportunity to excel in area(s) of Technology. Therefore, I have a unique opportunity . . . to excel. I am, I can, I will!"

CTRC's approach to accomplishing Youth Empowerment is to work in partnership with urban Youth, their parents and formal educators, Local and Regional Government, and the community at-large. Thanks to this circle of support, urban students in Buffalo, NY are ensured much-needed technology Access. The curriculum at CTRC features lots of "hands-on" practice, and majority of Youth class projects utlize software programs and applications designed to build critical thinking skills. This homepage on Quia is one such example.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Technology Literacy Assessment for CTRC Students and Participants
Test Your Technology Literacy Level!
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