cubillan Mrs.Cubillan
Horizon Elementary School  
Week of March 13-16 2001

Spelling List

1.  cursive
2.  furniture
3.  purpose
4.  surface
5.  surplus
6.  church
7.  curse
8.  burglar
9.  turkey
10. urban
11. mother
12. light
13. country
14. father
15. let

Dear Parents,
     Well, the field trip was a success!  A big thanks to Mrs. Rice and Mr. Kelleher for being our chaperones!!  The kids were on their best behavior and made me very proud to be their teacher!
     On Wednesday you can expect to get the SOL binder for the first time for homework.  There will be a paper in the front of the binder indicating what is to be done that night for homework.  It is imperative that the children do not work ahead even though they may already know the material.  Please do not forget to sign the log so that your child gets credit for doing his homework.  If the log is not signed that will count as a zero for homework.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the SOL binders!
   Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
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