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My Quia activities and quizzes
Bleu-L. 24-Possessive Adjectives
This activity is borrowed from another teacher's site.
Scrambled words Unit 22
These games were made by another French teacher.
Lesson 23 word search
Bleu-L. 23-Les sports, les jeux et la musique
IR verbs like FINIR
Bleu- L 28 -RE verbs fill in blank from p. 280.
This activity was created by another teacher.
This practice for the verb METTRE (see text pg 262) was created by another teacher.
VOCAB lsn 21
Les Vêtements (Bleu 25)
New adjectives
Bleu-L. 16-Information Questions
Verbs that will be on quiz week of October 16
Bleu-L. 15-Vocabulaire
Unit 2 - Quelle heure est-il? Battleship
(This game was created by another teacher who uses our textbook.)
Time expressions. Go to "list of terms" and select the audio feature to review pronunciation. (This activity comes from another teacher.)
Bleu-L. 4-Telling Time
Bleu-L. 4-Vocabulaire
Les nombres de 0 a 20
Bleu-Unité 4-Review
Bleu-L. 1-Numbers 0-10
Bleu-L. 1-Vocabulaire
Bleu-L. 2-Numbers 0-20
Bleu-L. 8-Days of the week
Unit 1 Ça va?
Bleu-L. 6-Numbers 80-100
L. 5-Bleu-Numbers 0-79
Unit 1 Ça va?
Bleu - Leçon 01 à la leçon 03 Challenge Board
Unit 1 Lecon1
Unit 1 lecon 1 La rentree
Les nombres de zéro a vingt
Supplemental -er verb list games
French 2 Verbs
Clothing, Colors
Chapitre 3
Bon Voyage! I Chapitre 3
Bon Voyage Chapitre 6 Mots 1
Pouvoir and Vouloir
Chapitre 6 Partitive & Definite Articles Level I
Chapter 6 The Partitive and Articles
The Weather and Seasons
Bon Voyage 1 Chapitre 7
Chapitre 7 Clothing Mots 1
Bon Voyage! 1 Chapitre 8 Mots 2
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