Curtis Middle School US HISTORY
Spend about 30 minutes each night playing these games to help you review information for the TAKS Test!  :)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Colonial Review - Battleship
Colonial Adventures
Monroe, the Era of Good Feelings, and Not-So-Good Feelings
Colonial Review
Colony Founders-Do you know details?
Founders of the New World
Conflict in the Colonies - Matching
American Revolution
Acts Leading to the Revolutionary War
American Revolution Jeopardy
American Revolution Matching
Philadelphia Convention TAKS Review
TAKS government Review
Government Vocab Quiz 1
Government Vocabulary Quiz 2
Government Vocab - Last 10 Words!
Government Vocabulary Quiz 2
New Nation
The 3 Presidents
Jefferson, Madison, Monroe Test
The War of 1812
Madison and the War of 1812
Monroe and the Era of Good Feelings
Jackson's Issues
More Fun Jacksonian Era
Jacksonian Era
More Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution: Inventors & Inventions
Reform Review
Reform Review
Reform Review
JEOPARDY! Reform & Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny
Reform and Expansion
Events Leading to the Civil War
Events Leading to Civil War
Events Leading to Civil War
The Civil War
Reconstruction Review
Reconstruction Review
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