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Dear Parents and Students,

In  Periods 1,3, and 4,  we are beginning a new unit on Algebra Word Problems which we will be completing before Christmas... and then reviewing in the New Year  culminating with a unit test on Algrbra Word Problems on January 4th. Quizzes are scheduled for Fri 12/14 and Thurs 12/20.

The afternoon  Periods 5 and 7 are finishing  a unit on Equations and Inequalities with a Unit test on Fri 12/14.
Then we will proceed into Algebra Word Problems after that and continue into the New Year with review,  culminating in a Unit Test on Word Problems on Jan.8th.

Both groups will be preparing for a  3 day Midterm in Math 8 on Jan 14/15/16. Every 8th grader will take the same exam on the same day... More on this in the  future...Good luck on the test friday!!!


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!
Mrs. Curulla
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Equation Solving Practice Types #1,#2, #3
Ordering Equation Solving Steps
Equation Solving Practice Types #1,#2,#3
Ordering Equation Solving Steps
Ordering Equation Solving Steps
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