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Northside High School Academically Gifted English III, AP English IV, Journalism I-VI
Check here from time to time for due dates and other news.

SENIORS:  CATCH-22 chapters are due every Friday.  Check the calendar on the front board.  Your next major paper will be a Position Paper, due date TBA.  After we finish ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD, we'll work on the papers and explore a unit on poetry.

JUNIORS:  We will continue working with the Transcendentlists and the Anti-Transcendentalists.  Your next major project will be the creation of either a Transcendentalist or an Anti-Transcendentalish school. More on that later, due date TBA.

If you were happy with your progress report grade, keep up the good work.  If you're not, FIX IT!
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AP English Facts
Hanging Around with CATCH-22
Confusing Words
Rhetorical Fallacies
The New England Renaissance
Literary Terms
Literary Terms
Literary Terms
Am. Lit. Division, War, and Reconciliation and Realism and the Frontier
American Lit.: Division, War, and Reconciliation
American Lit.: Division, War, and Reconciliation
American Lit.: Division, War, and Reconciliation
Beowulf--Blake Historical Information
Beowulf--Blake Concepts
Beowulf--Blake Quotations
Beowulf-Blake Characters
Beowulf-Blake Authors and Titles
Colonial America and the Revolution
Colonial America/Revolutionary Authors
Colonial America/Revolution Quotes and Concepts"We
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