cval IRIS
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Common Name: Blue Flag

Family Name: Iridaceae

Genus/Species: Iris Versicolor

Family Characteristics: Irises usually have basal leaves in two ranks, linear to sword-shaped, often resembling  a fan, arising from a thick rootstock or, in some spicies, from a bulb.

Identifying Traits of the Species: Violet-blue flowers with three bent-back,veined sepals with yellow patches and three narrower, vertical petals, each flower is two in a half to four inches wide, with three stamen.  

Type of Habbitat: Southern Canada, greate lake areas north east to mid-Atlantic states.

Average Plant Size: 2-3 ft.

Type of Flower/Fruit: Perrenial

Season in Which Plant Flowers: May-July

Special Importance to Man/Animal: The underground roots (rhizome) is poisonous.

Research Refrence: First feild guide, internet, Treasury of gardening book, and Comtoms home library.
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