4th Grade Spelling List The spelling words for this week begin or end with the sound /j/. This sound is spelled with j, ge or dge. Three rules will help you spell many words with the /j/ sound.

1. After a short vowel in one-syllable words, /j/ is spelled dge.

2. In front of the letters a, u, o, /j/ is spelled j. (Notice that several words start with a g but the g is followed by an i, e, or y.)

1. After a consonant, like r or n, /j/ is spelled ge.

4th Grade Spelling Lists
Study your words each night!

Unit 1
r-Controlled Vowels Test Nov. 18
Unit 2
More Letters Than Sounds Test Nov. 25
Unit 3
Silent Consonants
Unit 4
qu and squ
Unit 5
Consonant Sound:/j/
Quia Practice Quia Practice Quia Practice Quia Practice Quia Practice
cart laugh knot quick badge
march meant wring quarter dodge
army breakfast lamb quiz edge
charge sweater knee quote ridge
market bread written quit bridge
mark spread though queen hedge
alarm already knock quilt judge
chart ready known quart gem
smart death comb quake baggage
charm instead wrong quill range
apart heavy limb quarrel package
spark ahead knife quite cottage
share build honest question gentle
beware built often quiet strange
rare flood island squint cabbage
stare enough answer squeeze village
compare rough echo squash gym
parent touch listen squirm rigid
spare tough doubt squeal engine
scare young calm square gigantic

Unit 6
Long o:  o, oa, ow
Unit 7
Vowel Sounds:  /yoo/, /oo/
Unit 8
Vowel diphthongs:/oi/ /ou/
Unit 9
Vowel Sounds: /or/, /o/
Unit 10
/r/ Controlled Vowels
Quia Practice Quia Practice Quia Practice Quia Practice Quia Practice
poet flute coil forgot near
hotel whose moist nor steer
also clue spoil forest tear
clothes juice joint sport fear
pony true foil port cheer
bold tube choice sort ear
moment truth enjoy record rear
obey glue joy forth year
hello lose royal report clear
motel fruit flour forty certain
poem rule amount haul perfect
hero student mouth because term
fold dew mount caught serve
coast tulip however daughter person
boat due powder taught herd
goal view vowel bought return
pillow human flower ought thirst
grown few power thought turkey
glow used plow brought firm
shown music crowd fought burst
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