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Civil War Web Quest

Go to Select any battle.  List the following information for that battle:

-name of the battle

-where it was fought

-when it was fought

-who commanded each side

-the number of casualties (killed and wounded)

-a brief description of the battle and it's results

Go to   Select 2 of the images and case descriptions that go with them and for each one write:

-a brief description of what you see in the picture

-what injuries the person suffered

-when and where the injury happened

Go to  Look at the casualties for new York.

What was the total number of New Yorkers killed in the war?

How many were:

-killed in action?

-died of wounds?

-died of disease?

-died of other causes?

Based on these figures, what can you conclude about the medical and health conditions that existed on the battlefield?

Go to

Answer the following questions from the poster.

-Who do you think the poster is made for?

-What does the Government hope these people will do?

-what does the poster day aout pay?

_What does it day about treatment of prisoners of war?

-What evidence of discrimination during the Civil War do you find in theis poster?

_What evidence of Government efforts to improve conditions for black soldiers do you find in this document?

-What do you think the government's purpose was in making this poster?

-How is the design of this poster different from military recruitment posters or commericals you see today?

This web Quest is an adaptation of the web quest at

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