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Hey Peoples! This cool page is designed to help you lern the Perfect Tense.  I don't know who much you like Latin so I hope you enjoy and don't find this page too boring.  Have lots of fun.  I had soo much fun macking this cool page.  It's gr8!!!

WHEN YOU USE IT ---  The Perfect Tense is used to show a completed action in the past.  I did my homework would be an example.

THE ENDINGS  ---  The Perfect Tense has six endings. They go as follows:

Singular Plural
1st person - -i -imus
2nd person - -isti -istis
3rd person - -it -erunt

STEMS ---  To find out what you connect the endings to you would consult the back of the book.  The third form of the word is the form you would use.

EXAMPLES ---   I slept - dormivi
   You slept - dormivisti
   He slept - dormivit
   We slept - dormivimus
   You slept - dormivistis
   They slept - dormiverunt
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