cypressmiddle Ms. Cain
Cypress Middle School Reading Teacher
Welcome to your class web page!

This site will provide games and quizzes that you can use to assist you in studying for upcoming tests and quizzes that you will have in my class.

I hope you had a great Spring Break!

This coming week we will be finishing up The Lion, the Witch , and the Wardrobe.
Make sure you've read up to Ch. 14 by Wednesday, April 5, 2000.
Schedule this week:
Monday: Read ch. 13 in class and finish up poems.
Wednesday: Review ch. 14 and take a quiz. (I put a practice quiz on this website for you to try)
Friday:  Watch movie on book and I will bring a surprise snack for the class.

I'll see you in class - Ms. Cain
My Quia activities and quizzes
Narnia Rumble
words students need know from readings
Narnia Chapter 12-14 Quiz
questions children be able to answer after reading the chapters.
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