Multimedia and Web Design Period 3
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Welcome to Multimedia and Web Design. On this page you will find review activities and quizzes for this course. The calendar shows deadlines for major projects and quizzes.

This course has a state-mandated final exam. The final exam is weighted 25% of your final course grade. The test reviews are provided to help in your exam preparation.

FFHS Honor Code: On my honor I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment.

My Quia activities and quizzes
College Mascots and Nicknames
Practice Quiz--Learn how Quia works
Surf Quiz
Practice Quiz--Learn how Quia works
UNC and Duke quiz
Practice Quiz--Learn how Quia works
Pasta Quiz
Practice Quiz--Learn how Quia works
1.01 Typography Vocabulary
Quiz Grade. Thursday September 16
Working with 15 Color Terms
Review for Color Terms Quiz
1.02 Color Terms Quiz (15 mc)
Quiz Grade. Wednesday September 22
1.02 Color Psychology Quiz
Test your knowledge of colors
Principles of Design - 10 Vocabulary Terms
Review for Design Quiz
3.02 Designing Presentations
Quiz Grade. Friday October 1
20 Desktop Publishing Terms
Desktop Publishing Test Review
1.03 Desktop Publishing Vocabulary (25 mc)
Friday October 8. Use your notes.
2.01 Vocabulary-Image Editing (15 mc)
2.01 Working with Graphics Types and File Formats (15 mc)
3.01 Multimedia Concepts & Terms (23 mc)
January 2011
3.01 Audio and Video Concepts (20 mc)
January 2011
3.01 Copyright and Fair Use in Multimedia (22 mc)
January 2011
4.01 25 html tags worksheet
Practice Activity. Tuesday October 26
4.01 Intro to html tags(16 mc)
Quiz grade. Wednesday October 27
4.01 Understanding Web Colors (20 pts)
Quiz grade. Thursday, October 28
4.01A Intro to Web Development Standards
Quiz grade. Wednesday, November 17
4.01B Web Design and Organization (20 mc)
Quiz grade. Thursday, November 18
4.02 Publishing a Web Site
Quiz grade. Monday, November 22
25 Basic xhtml tags
Quiz Review
35 basic html matching
Test Review for html tags test
4.02 JavaScript Quiz (10 mc)
4.02 Final Exam Review-html tags (25 mc)
Friday January 7 2011
3.03 Virtual Reality Concepts & Terms (15 mc)
Monday January 10, 2011
1.01 final exam review in typography (15)
Tuesday January 11, 2011
1.02 final exam review-design concepts (15 mc)
Tuesday January 11, 2011
1.03 final exam review-desktop publishing (23 mc)
Wednesday January 12
2.01 final exam review in graphics (20 mc)
Wednesday January 12
4.02 final exam review-web design (20 mc)
Thursday January 13
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