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Glasgow Middle School Olympian team US History
Hello Olympians,and parents / guardians,

Happy New Year.  As we stated at the beginning of the school year, this course will survey U S History from 1877 to present-day (with a brief mini-unit / review on the Civil War and Reconstruciton).  Each student should have received a general course outline and a very specific list of 13 PROMOTION BENCHMARK REQUIREMENTS.  These Benchmarks are new this year in Fairfax County and all students will be required to Master at least 10 of these 13 standards to be eligible for promotion to 8th Grade Social Studies. Please review both of these with your student.  I continue to look forward to working with you and your student, and I'm sure that together we can make this year a "gold-medal" experience. 

Next Unit (beginning 1/01/02):  America and the World - The Spanish-American War and Imperialism (Chapter 22)

If you have additional questions or concerns you can reach me at the above e-mail address or at(703) 813-8700(w). Also, you can e-mail me at my home address: Please also feel free to call me at home (the home phone number can be found on your child's U.S. History Course Outline).

Go for the GOLD Olympians!!!

updated 1/02/2002
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