HW 3.1

Name_____________________ Date_________

Directions:  Define each term by looking them up in your review book or your text book.






Theodor Hertzel

India National Congress

Muslim League

Young Turks

The Armenian Massacre

“Sick man of Europe”

Pan Slavism

Otto Von Bismark

Blood and Iron

3.2 Due Thurs. 10/21/04 (Use review book, textbook and intelligence to complete)

1. Identify the key principles of capitalism
     -who owns businesses?
     -for what purpose?
     -who has ultimate power?
     -how are prices determined?

2. Identify the key ideas of Karl Marx
-history is a series of what?
-in order to improve conditions what must happen?
-workers are called what?
-owners are called what?
-what is exploit?
-who is exploited?
-what kind of government will be set up?
-who will control the economy?

3. Unification of Germany
-who led the unification movement?
-where was he from?
-what was his policy called?
-explain his policy?
-who became leader of a united Germany?
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