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  I hope that you find this page useful.  I will update the homework assignments on a daily basis.  There are also numerous games to play to help you study.  If you have any problems using this page or if you have any questions, please e-mail me using the link above or on the linked pages.  Click on the links below to get to your grade level page.  Have fun!!

Remember that you can get extra help during access periods and activity periods.  Here is the schedule for the access periods.

6th grade:  A day    Room 457  with Señorita  Schmit
                    B day    Room 452  with Señora Karins
                    C day    Room 309  with Madame Broderick

7th grade:  B day    Room 455  with Señora Daley
                    D day    Room 457  with Señorita Palma
                                 Room 359  with Señora Gorka
                                 Room 309  with Señorita Asher

8th grade: A day    Room 456 with Señora Dugan and Señora Baugh
                   B day    Room 456 with Señora Baugh
                   C day    Room 456 with Señora Baugh
                   D day    Room 456 with Señora Baugh

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