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Common Name:Venus flytrap


Genus & Species:Dionaea muscipula

Family Characteristics:Carnivorous plant

Identifying Traits of the Species:It bears a cluster of small, white blossoms at the top of the flower stalk. The blossoms rise from a tuft of oddly shaped leaves. The leaves  have two parts-a lower bladelike portion and an upper part with two lobes hinged to a rib. The surface of each lobe has three sensitive hairs, and the edges of each lobe are fringed with sharp bristles.

Type of Habitat:They grow well in acidic, boggy areas.

Average Plant Size:One foot.

Type of Flower and Fruit:Small white blossoms at the top of the flower stalk.

Season in which the Plant Flowers:It flowers in the spring time.

Special Importance to Man or Animal:Helps keep bug population down.

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