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          Welcome To Mrs. Datsko's Classroom!!

This is a web page that I have designed so that my students and parents can have acess to things that are going on in the classroom.  Starting on Monday, August 27, 2001 there will be a list of assignments for each class with any special information that students will need to know.  There will alos be the chance for extra credit wok also when it is listed by the teacher. 

There are many different activities that students may be asked to do with this web site.  There are web site links at the bottom of this page for both student and parents to use.


If parents or students want to leave a message for me, please use the e-mail link on this page.  Phone mail at school is currently not working.  I check my e-mail often, so I will be getting back to you quickly.  I will let you know when the phone mail system is up and running again.

I have enjoyed using the web site and the computer to open opportunties for my students in a safe manner.  I hope that you enjoy this web page adn check it offten to see what we are doing in the classroom.  Please e-mail me with any feedback that you may have.

Mrs. Datsko
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