daughertyk Mrs. Daugherty
Lakehoma Elementary Kindergarten Teacher
Here we are in the middle of February!!!

     The Letter People we have met so far are: Mm, Tt, Ff, Hh, Nn, Aa, Bb, Zz, Pp, Ii, Ss,& Dd, Vv, Ll, Uu, Rr, Oo & Gg!!  Reinforce these letters at home by looking for them in book titles, road signs, restaurant signs, etc.  
     We are learning a little about Abraham Lincoln & George Washington, since their birthdays are this month!  See if your child knows which money has their faces!

     We now need another box of snacks!  Your child may bring any package or box of crackers or cookies that they like.  Make sure that there is enough for 21 children.

     If you would like to send a bottle of GermX or any antibacterial pump soap to class it would be appreciated!  I am trying to keep as many germs at bay as possible!

     Make sure that your child brings their backpack to school each day for notes, papers & center projects.

     It is Winter, but we will still have outside recess as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees & there isn't a wind chill.  You may need to watch the weather the night before to check what's going to happen the next day!  Send a warm jacket if your child comes to morning kindergarten because we have Recess at 9:15 & if it's above 32 degrees, we got outside!  Brrr!!!
     We are getting ready to begin our unit on Dinosaurs!!!
If your child has any books that they would like to bring to school for us to look at during this unit, they may do so beginning next week!  (Feb 17)

     Thank you to the parents who have helped me this year!
I have been so fortunate to have wonderful students again, as well as parents!  You all have been great!  I appreciate everything you've done for my class & students!

     We are doing the "treat bucket" on Fridays for those who have been following the rules.  Here they are in case you need to reinforce them at home:  1) LISTEN; 2)RAISE YOUR HAND; 3) KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF; 4) TAKE TURNS; 5) SHARE; 6) PUT THINGS AWAY. If your child is having some difficulty, I will send a personal note in their backpack.

      READ with your child each night.  It doesn't have to be a long book.  It's a good way to spend a little quality time with your child.  It will also show them that it's important to know the letters & the sounds that make the words in the book.

      Don't forget to save those "Boxtops For Education" on food items that you purchase!  We're having a contest!

      When we do a book order--See Saw--please make checks payable to Lakehoma.  The administration office sends it off as one check.  It usually takes about 3 weeks to get an order back, so be patient.

       If you know of someone who has a computer & their child is in my class, tell them about this site!
      Please check back often! 
           Sincerely, Mrs. Daugherty
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