daughertysdarlings Mrs. Daugherty
Lakehoma Elementary Kindergarten teacher
Our Kindergarten classes at Lakehoma are getting ready for Christmas break!
   When we come back to school in January, we will continue our unit on Christmas Around the World with Israel, Holland, & Mexico.  We already learned about Germany & Sweden.
    We will also be learning about penguins!  Our Centers will be based around this theme & we will watch the video, The Pebble and the Penguin, which is based on fact!
    This is also the time when we will be testing your child on the letters and sounds which we have studied in class.  Get out those Letter People color pages & review at home!
    Also work on counting to 20, which we are doing in class.
    See if your child can count to 10 in Spanish!  I do this for fun in my class!  
    Look for more at a later date!
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