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The A-Team Official Bowling Home Page
the home of the brave

Team Members:
Dominick Ciccone a.k.a. "The Flash"
David Crowley a.k.a. "Superstar"
Paul Edward Dinda a.k.a. "Bad Mother F*****"
Jacob Dlugos a.k.a. "Booter"

Back up: Mrs. Townsend a.k.a. "Mrs. T"
Mascot: Andrew Hunter a.k.a. "One Shot"

1-26-00 We, the A-team, need lots of panties to turn into our official bowling uniforms. If you can help, please contact Ed Dinda or D.J. Ciccone

1-26-00 The A-team is not complete unless we have a fine, fine crew of chicks that will dance around us as we bowl. You will need to be able to do cart-wheels, probably not mind wearing something skimpy.

1-26-00 By the way, I love it when a plan comes together.

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