davittscience Ms. Davitt
Humble Middle School 7th & 8th grade Science, C-cluster
7th Grade Science

-Currently Studying Mitosis
-Next test...Friday, October 27th

8th Grade Science

-Studying the concept of system interaction in our world
-Next test grade...Systems project October 23rd-27th

Ms. Davitt will be taking all of her 7th and 8th grade science classes on a field trip to NASA in early February.  The theme of the field trip is "Hawaii, a Living Laboratory".  This will be an exciting opportunity for students to participate in a live broadcast in which they will be able to spend a day in the life of real-life scientists in Hawaii.  The broadcast will be sponsored by NASA.

Each Thursday the C-cluster teachers send out a news letter to each of our students' parents letting them know what, if any, assignments will be taken for a grade for the next week.  This mailout is sent in an attempt to involve parents in their child's educational experience.  Please watch for the assignment schedule in the mail!
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