daysas Mrs. Day
Eastern High School Math Teacher
I will be leaving in 8 days.  May 5th is my last day.  The substitute teacher has a background in math and will do a great job finishing out the year.  He has already substituted several times at the high school and the students interact well with him.  There will be two weeks of teaching left when I leave.  In the Intervention Math classes Mr. Hart will begin reviewing for the final exam.  In Algebra I, Mr. Hart will finish Chapter 12 on rational expressions and then begin the semester exam review.  In Algebra II, Mr. Hart will hit the high points of Chapters 12 and 13 along with two sections in Chapter 16.  He will then begin the exam review using worksheets that I have already made.  The exam will be fair to what I have taught this semester as I have already made them in advance.  I hope that the students in all of my math classes have a successful end of the year.
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