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Welcome to Mrs. Clowers' Web Page!  The following information might be helpful.  As always, if you have any questions, please call.  

The Homework Sheet comes home on Monday.  You may cut off the spelling words but please leave the rest of the paper in the homework folder.  Weekly homework is generally the following:

MONDAY:  math homework
TUESDAY:  read for 20 min. and bring in calendar
WEDNESDAY:  spelling homework
THURSDAY:  handwriting homework

Special Days
Spelling test - Thursday(except on 4-day weeks when the test will be on Friday)
Library day - Tuesday

Please encourage your child to join the Millennium Club. The goal is to read for 2000 minutes by May 11. Keep track of how many minutes your child reads on the monthly calendar. When you break it down, it is about an hour a week.

Please also work with your child at memorizing the basic math facts.  (These are a one-digit number plus another one-digit number for addition; and in subtraction starting with 18 and subtracting a one-digit number.)

Starting in October, we now have the Book-It Program that offers your child a free Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut when he or she has met the monthly goal of reading for 240 minutes during the month. When your child turns the calendar in at the end of each month, I will add their minutes to the Millennium Chart and hand out pizza coupons to those students who have met the goal of reading for 240 minutes.

The new phone system is up and running so to call me the number is 281-641-2131.  If you call during class time, the call will go to my voice mail.  I very often do not have time to check my voice mail until after school so if you have an emergency or you need to change the way your child goes home that day, please call the office at 281-641-2100.
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