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    IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION: This assignment in no way makes up for the missed classroom experience,including labs. It is however the unit we are doing in class at this time.  Assignments are in the blue book:  EARTH SCIENCE: A Study of a Changing Planet.  This is not the book we are using in class.  The student wil not have done this assignment

               p 183  Group A  #1-21
                     Group B  #1-3

               pp 211-213 Group A #1-26
                          Group B #1-7 all parts
                          Review Ex. #1-9 all parts

                    Third  Quarter

     Week of 2/4/02
     Quiz: Fronts
     Lab: Weather Tracking
     Weather patterns lab due
     HW Due Mon  2/11
     P 546  1ab,2,3a,4abc
     p 549   6abc                      3 pts
     p 519  10a,11a,12
     p 555  critical thinking  #1,2ab
     Week of 1/28/02
     Lab  Maps c & d
     Quiz  Dew point and Relative Humidity    Ref Tables

     HW DUE Mon 2/4
     p 526 1ab,4ab,5ab
     p 530 6a,7ab,8ab,9b,10e            3 points
     p 534  11,13a
     p 537  15a,17a, map skills 1ab  

To Be Submitted:  Date given is the date the assignment is

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   On this page you will find items pertaining to what is happening in class.  Homework assignments, lab work, exams and quizzes will often be posted.  This page is intended primarily to help parents know what is happening in class, and is not the vehicle by which I will announce assignments.  This will happen in class.  However students may find it useful.  For those who are absent for extended periods, this is an excellent way to keep up to date.  

    Parents may contact me the usual way via the telephone, may send e-mail, or fax me a message.  The numbers and addresses for each are above on the banner.

Textbooks: Students may leave them home.  We will not use them in class.  If you are using it in school, then you are required to cover it.  

Materials: Looseleaf,pen,and pencil.
Students will be expected to bring the looseleaf, pen and pencil everyday, with the reference tables and regents questions which will be distributed during the first week.

Students must satisfy a lab requirement in order to be able to take the Regents Exam in June.  The New York State lab requirement is a minimum of 30 satisfactorily completed lab hours or periods.  These wil be completed in class. 
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