deadmooncircus The Dead Moon Circus
Queen Nehereina
Queen Neherenia is the queen of the Dead (sometimes referred to as the New or Dark) Moon and leader of the organization known as the Dead Moon Circus. She graces the screen with her appearance during the SuperS and Stars seasons. Nehelenia's ultimate goal is to find Pegasus, the keeper of the Golden Crystal; its great power she hungers for. Pegasus is hiding within someone's beautiful dream. Neherenia employs Zirconia (really ugly "lady"), a hideous creature (oh yah) that is sometimes said to be the personification of the darkness within Neherenia, along with the Dead Moon Circus to find the Golden Dream Mirror, Pegasus' hiding place.
In the time of the Silver Millennium, a young queen ruled over her small kingdom of the New Moon. Although she could have had anything her heart desired, she could never be truly happy, for she had not a single friend in the world. Her advisors and subjects did not wish to befriend her. They wanted no part of her sorrow, and believed she did not need anyone to share her joy and her dreams with. Used and betrayed, she withdrew, the mirror her only friend in the world. The only time she received attention was from those paying homage to her incredible beauty. But, sadly, the young queen realized that eventually her looks too would betray her. She asked the mirror what the future held for her, and there appeared the image of a cold, haggard old woman. Her only hope was to remain young and beautiful forever, and the mirror told her she could do so if she swallowed the dream mirrors of her people. But this wasn't enough. She envied the nearby kingdom of the White Moon, ruled by Queen Serenity. It's prosperity, happiness, and love were things the New Moon did not have. She desired to conquer Serenity and rule the Silver Millennium herself. She learned that this would be possible with the power of the Golden Crystal of Helios, guardian of Elysium, the magical land of beautiful dreams hidden deep within the earth. The crystal's power could not only make her queen of the White Moon, but also held the capacity to make her ruler of the entire universe. With this plot in mind, she journeyed to Elysium to offer that she and Helios rule the entire universe together. When she tried using the crystal it burned her hands, for only those with beautiful dreams and pure intentions were able to release it's power. Enraged, she destroyed Elysium and held Helios captive, his spirit escaping in the form of Pegasus who hides in people's beautiful dreams. As punishment for these evil deeds, Queen Serenity sealed her away inside her dark mirror, without hope of escape. She remained there, vowing revenge on the White Moon Kingdom and longing for the day when she could return to rule the universe, until the Amazones Quartet set her free.
Nehelenia reaches the earth during a lunar eclipse. Her Dead Moon Circus, under the command of Zirconia, searches for the holder of the Golden Dream Mirror. The first team assigned to the task is the Amazon Trio: Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fish Eye (who are truly, unbeknownst to them, a tiger, a hawk and a fish transformed into human-like creatures). We never actually see her during this part of the story; it is only Zirconia who seems to be in charge of the Trio. As the Trio and Zirconia fumble at their task, Nehelenia grows tiresome. The job isn't getting done fast enough and she feels that the Amazones Quartet could prove more efficient. She orders Zirconia to dispense of the Trio. With the Trio out of the way (if you wanna know what happens to them, go to another page! ;) It's all Nehelenia here, baby!), the four adorable little girls: VesVes, JunJun, CereCere, and PallaPalla; quickly get to work. They eventually discover that the Golden Mirror is in Chibi-Moon's possession. Nehelenia spins a great web to hasten the darkening of the earth, capturing Chibi-Moon and luring the Senshi into the circus tent. With his love, Chibi-Moon, as her prisoner, Helios is forced to surrender the Crystal to Nehelenia. But the Senshi manage to get the Crystal back, and with the help of all the beautiful dreamers of the world, they are able to defeat Nehelenia and return her back to her mirror prison. But we have not yet seen the end of her. Galaxia releases her to aid her in the destruction of the Senshi. She successfully imprisons all of the Senshi along with Tuxedo Mask, but Eternal Sailormoon's kindness is enough to overcome the evil that had taken possession of Nehelenia so long ago. The evil mirror's spell is broken, and Nehelenia is returned to her childhood for a second chance at a happy life. (Aww dangit! Why is there a happy ending?)
Just so you know, ZIRICONIA IS REALLY REALLY UGLY!!!!! Yes, that thing is a girl.
While Neherenia was imprisoned in the darkness of the New Moon, Zirconia was in command of the Dead Moon Circus. She is not a popular character although she plays in some funny scenes with the Amazon Quartet (funny characters are often popular).
Zirconia is a strange person. She is rather a part of Neherenia than an different person. When Neherenia was old she looked much like him. Again, when the Queen tried to strangle Sailormoon at the end of SuperS, the creature that appeared had the face of Zirconia. Finally, it was the moment when Neherenia's hand came out of the mirror that Zio's hand disappeared, soon to be followed from the rest of her body while Neherenia finally broke free. Still her character differs from hers. Not that old-Zio is not cruel and mean but all these funny scenes where he is trying to get the Quartet to work make her look a little more sympathetic.
Her in job in the Circus is to direct the attacks of the Trio and Quartet. Zircon, the flying eyeball that usually rests on Zirconia's rod, is flying around the city, taking pictures of beautiful people and delivers them to her mistress who in turn orders her minions ta attack one of the persons in the photos. Zirconia had to deal with the persistent questions of the Trio (who wanted to know why Zio needed Pegasus, since he had enough power for world domination) and again she was having problems with the Quartet as they were lazy and didn't like following orders (although they never really cared or asked themselves about the true intentions of Zirconia). In both cases old-Zio managed it very well: she lied to and betrayed both the Trio and the Quartet (although she seemed to like the Quartet and tried to protect them from Neherenia's menace. However being the link between Neherenia and the real world she always had the difficult task to apologize for her minions who kept failing him.
When eventually, the 5 Senshi went into the circus to clear things out, Zirconia tried to stop them but once again she failed. Begging yet another chance from Neherenia, she used her magic to drain the power of the Amazon Quartet (and they were trying to protect him!) in an attempt to restore her own power, but the Senshi helped the Trio break free of the spell and Zio retreated, disappearing into the shadows. Meanwhile, Neherenia had already extracted the golden crystal and using its power she broke the spell that was keeping her trapped. The same time her body was coming through the mirror Zirconia's body was disappearing in a red light.
Amazon Trio

(In this pic, Hawks Eye is in the back, followed by Tiger's Eye, and Fish Eye in the front.) The Amazon Trio were: Tigers Eye, Hawks Eye and Fish Eye [there should be an apostrophe in their names, just before the 's' (it's Tiger's Eye, not Tiger Eye!) but i think they look better this way]. They were working for the the Dead Moon Circus and were under the commands of Zirconia. Each of the Trio members was a unique character with an amazing personality. In my opinion they were the best male villains of Sailormoon. Why that? For various reasons: fisrt of all they were all looking gorgeous, not only when disguised but also when wearing their normal clothes. Then it's the way they used to lure their target. They were popping up pretending to be beautiful strangers and were trying to win her/his heart (their acting was so funny)! Their conversations and quarrels about women were endless.
One must not forget though that the Trio were villains. They looked happy because they were acting according to a plan. They were following their orders closely and most times reacted violently (especially when their target rejected them)as they lacked feelings like love, friendship or sympathy. They also had no hesitation killing their targets when they didn't have what they were looking for. However, no one can blaim them for their cruelty. It wasn't their fault that they had no feelings, nor it was their choice to follow Zirconia's commands. Nevertheless it's that combination that makes them so cool. Beautiful and kind on the outside but cruel and mercyless inside.
As mentioned above the Trio was obeying Zirconia and they were obeying him blindly as they were afraid of him. He was the one who gave them their human form (of course Neherenia provided him with that power). Before that they were animals: Tigers Eye was a tiger, Hawks Eye was hawk and Fish Eye was a fish. Their mission on Earth was to find Pegasus, who was hiding in a beautiful dream. Only near the end of their lives did they learn about the power hidden in Pegasus' golden horn but still couldn't understand why Zirconia needed that since he had enough power to take over Earth (Zirconia needed the golden crystal to brake the spell that was keeping Neherenia trapped).
Their technique was simple: Zircon (the flying eyeball) provided them with pictures of people who had beautiful dreams and the Trio were choosing the person that looked more likely to hide Pegasus in his/her dreams. That person would be their target. Then one member of the Trio was attacking the target and checking if Pegasus was there. Generally Hawks Eye was attacking older women, Tigers Eye the younger ones and Fish Eye men (as you can see they were attacking according to their own preferences). The first part of the mission was to lure their target. They were approaching their victim disguised (actually they were quite recognisable even under disguise) and were trying to pull him out of the crowd usually pretending to be lost or in love with him/her or trying to help or even pretending they were dying (Tigers Eye had always been the best in acting). The second part of the mission was the dream mirror extraction (every human was said to be carrying a dream mirror that reflected his/her dream). After changing to their circus clothes they were using the 1-2-3 trick to pull out their target's dream mirror. By saying ONE a table was appearing behind the victim. By saying TWO handcuffs were strapping the victim on the table. Finally by saying THREE the person's dream mirror was coming out of the person's chest. At that moment Sailormoon and Chibimoon were appearing and were trying to stop the bad guy (of course they were never forgetting their speech before they attacked). The Trio member was then spawning a monster using his shadow (these monsters were creatures of the circus and i think they were called remless but i don't know what it means). While the senshi were occupied fighting the remless the bad guy responsible for the mission was checking the target's dream by putting his head into the dream mirror. The mission was always succesful but the Trio never found the person that was hosting Pegasus in his/her dreams (and that person was Chibi Usa) as the targets they attacked were wrong. This pattern (luring the target, 1-2-3 trick, remless Vs Sailormoon and Chibimoon, remless defeated) was repeated in all episodes starring the Trio. In a few episodes the Trio themselves attacked the senshi before spawning the remless.
Each character of the Trio was different from the others and so were their opinions and ideas (and i'm not talking only about subjects concerning women). They used to make fun of each other for those ideas. Hawks Eye and Tigers Eye were disgusted by the fact that Fishy Eye liked men and then again Hawks Eye and Tigers Eye were always fighting about the age in which women are better. All these fights, discussions and the Trio's strange ideas were VERY funny and are one of the reasons that the Trio are so popular (those jokes actually make the whole series worth viewing). Something else i cannot understand is their experience concerning women. They seemed to know every existing type of women and they were very good in flirting. My question is where did they learn to flirt (since they were animals before)? When not on a mission the Trio used to hang around in a bar, inside the circus. The bar's decoration was really simple, just a bench, some stools and the circus logo made by neon lights, but the Trio seemed to enjoy passing their free time there.
Their clothes were really bizarre and generally their appearance wasn't quite normal. Some say they looked like freaks but i think they were just dressing a little different (and quite modern). Their jewelry was freaking too. Tigers Eye (he had the wierdest appearance of all three) used to wear a gigantic necklace and his earrings looked like razors, Hawks Eye was wearing something that looked like a collar and Fish Eye had long earings and a strange uniform. All of them were wearing high heel boots or shoes and had a jewel on their forehead and makeup on their left cheek.
The fall of the Trio begins on episode #144. It is then that Tigers Eye learns about something called friendship and he is amazed by Ami's effort to save Shingo. His amazement lasts just a few seconds and then he returns to his normal cruelty but this is the first sign that the Trio begin to think deeper about their life and their mission. It is again Tigers Eye who, on ep #147 hesitates about attacking Makoto and for a moment he even feels sad but again he recovers quicly and proceeds with his mission. Meanwhile, Zirconia, aware of all this knows that the days of the Trio are almost over. He doesn't need servants who think, thinking always creates questions, questions to which he has no answers. Finally it's Fish Eye's turn to understand the truth about their nature (they aren't humans) and also fall in love with his target Mamoru. Zirconia activates their termination plan, and after a short battle they all lay dead, killed by the remless Pierrot.
However there was a happy end in the story. Since the Trio turned good in the end (Fish Eye convinced the others that Zirconia was using them and in the end decided to use the energy ball that was supposed to help them get their own dream mirrors, to save Sailormoon) it wouldn't be right to let them die, so Pegasus not only gave them dream mirrors but also allowed them to live in his forest (now how would three guys live all alone in a forest, especially when they are so depended on women, is another thing).
The Amazoness Quartet

The Amazoness Quartet were: VesVes, JunJun, CereCere and ParaPara. They have been working for Zirconia since the Trio's demise. Just like their predecessors, these four girls are some of the coolest villains in this anime. They 're cute, intelligent, funny and that's why they are so popular (and maybe because they wear some pretty sexy costumes too!). The girls must be around the age of Hotaru (i think they're a bit older). Each girl's personality differs from that of the others but, unlike the Trio, they manage things better when working as a team.
The Quartet have lot of things in common with the Trio (although they never met) but they also have many differences. They might be cool and funny but their heart is colder than ice. They show no mercy and feel no pity for their victims. Their only concern is how to finish their mission faster so they can return to the circus to play (or sleep). Zirconia used one of the Amazoness' balls (i think ParaPara's) to spawn the remless that killed the Trio. Good feelings, however, exist deep in them but they just need the right event to push them to the surface (which in this case was the debt to the Senshi for saving their life). One more difference is that the girls are not as obedient as the Trio was (well, they 're just kids), thus frequently enraging Zirconia. They are very lazy and hate working unlike their predecessors who were trying their best to please their master. The Trio were kind of melancholic characters (remember they had no dreams). Well the Quartet are the opposite. Kids should be happy and the four girls know it well. They waste no time with things concerning adults (they actually hate adults because, as they say, their life is boring and they have no beautiful dreams). They prefer playing in the circus.
Before joining the circus, the Quartet were living in a forest on a dark planet (this must be Neherenia's planet because the sky has exactly the same color). One day, while they were playing in the forest, they discovered a mirror in the middle of a small lake. Curious as they were, they came closer and surprisingly the mirror talked to them. It was Neherenia. She gave each one of them a ball that would help them have dreams (the balls also have magic power and help them move around in the city). Since then, they have been working for the Queen of the shadows, in the Dead Moon Circus. As entertainers they can do lots of tricks (they 're very good acrobats) and generally they're in very good shape.
The technique they use to capture their targets is different from that used by the Trio. Zirconia himself gives them their taget's photo. They usually pop up when their victim is alone, change to their circus costumes and do the pool trick. They take out a cue and strike their ball just like shooting pool. So what if someone ducks? That's imposible. The balls bump practically everywhere but never miss: they strikes their victims from behind, making appear his/hers dream mirror. When the senshi appear, the girls spawn a remless to keep them busy, and proceed checking their victim's dream.
Their costumes are really sexy covering only small part of their bodies. Nevertheless, when they're under disguise their clothes are normal and beautiful. Their hairstyle is strange too (it's the most bizzare hairstyle in SM!). Their hair is curled up in big balls (bigger than Usagi's). They all have that little black jewel on their forehead (this is common in all the villains of SuperS).
When not on a mission they hang out at the circus, playing in the throne room. They sleep all together in a big room with a palm tree in the middle and four beds underneath it. This room's ceiling painted in the colors of the rainbow and there is neon logo of the Circus at the top of the tree.
In episode #161 both the Amazoness and the senshi reveal their identities to each other and everyone is shocked but this is not enough to turn the girls to the good side (maybe because they are too young to tell the difference between good and bad?). Later (#164), when they had captured Chibi Usa the girls extracted her dream mirror because they wanted to see Pegasus. Neherenia saw them, she went mad and imprisoned them in mirrors thus sending them in her own dimension. The Amazoness were crying out that they were sorry but the evil queen didn't need them any longer. However, when the senshi defeated Zirconia in the Circus, she freed them in order to help him. The Quartet were willing to fight to protect Zio (they like him after all) but this was not what Neherenia had in mind. Spider webs caught the Quartet and connected them to Zirconia who started sucking their energy. Sailormoon tried to brake the webs but she was knocked down. Finally Ami found out, using her computer, that their balls were stealing away their energy and told them that their only choice was to break them. The Amazoness were reluctant as the balls contained all their dreams but finally they smashed them, realizing that they were betrayed from both Neherenia and Zirconia (Sailormoon also explained them that even without the balls they could still dream). Zirconia slipped away into the darkness and the senshi went after him. This, however was not the end. It is when Neherenia, using the golden crystal, is about to kill the senshi that the Amazoness Quartet reappears just in time to save their life using a funny magic trick. ParaPara switched the golden crystal with a pineapple of about the same size and VesVes threw the real crystal to Sailormoon who used it to destroy the Circus. In ep #166 the Quartet appear for the last time, in civilian outfit thinking whether they should say goodbye to the senshi or not (finally the didn't) before leaving.
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