deaf Mrs. Nicas
Roanoke Valley Regional Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Deaf Ed. Coordinator
Parents and students:  We have an exciting new project in store for you this year... COMPUTER PROJECT 2000!
The idea is this... every student in the Roanoke Valley Regional Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will receive a new computer FREE!
 The members of the Roanoke Valley Fund for Deaf Children and the staff of the regional program are concerned about improving the literacy skills of all deaf and hard of hearing students.  Computers, when used properly, can aid in increasing levels of reading, math, computer skills, and overall learning.

HOW?  Families of deaf/hard of hearing students will sign a "rent-to-own" contract stating the RVFDC will pay for a portion of the computer, but the families are responsible for earning 400 pts. worth of coupons/vouchers to give to the RVFDC to pay off the rest of the system.
The coupon/vouchers will be assigned for each activity outlined in the contingency plan:
1. TAKE A SIGN LANGUAGE CLASS=100pts. As long as a parent or guardian receives a 1999 transcript or attendance/participation certificate, it will be accepted as part of the criterion for this plan.
2. ATTEND A LITERACY WORKSHOP=100pts. Gallaudet University is providing a reading workshop for a $10 charge on Sat., Sept. 11, 1999 from 9AM-12PM.  Potluck lunch to follow.
3. COMPUTER ORIENTATION MTG.=100pts. Come find out how to hookup and run your new machine on Aug. 31 at 7PM!
4. PARENTING SKILLS CLASS=100pts. A family therapist for the deaf will help answer all your parenting questions. Date TBA.
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