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Class For The Week OF April 24,2000:

Chapter 1  Lesson 1
The Deaf Child

To all others in the world, a hearing impared child is a cripple that cannot do anything. But they actually can do many things like you and me. They play sports,have friends, and learn regular ed if they are main streamed. In Grand Rapids, Shawnee Park ELementary School is the Grand Rapids and KISD Oral Deaf Program. And Grandville Public Schools alone have between 5-10 hearing impared mainstreamed students. So many teachers must be able to know how to communicate with the deaf. Be able to have patient with them, due to their learning disablity, the Deaf. And not descriminate. Also, the teacher must communicate with the parents about the student's progress.

Your Assignment For This Week is to Write a Page Essay on How Would You Teach A Deaf Child.  

This Assignment Should Be Sent To Me Via E-Mail. Also, you should take the progress test to show me how well you could teach or work with a Hearing Impared Child.

Chapter 1 Lesson 2
How A Deaf Kid Hears

In The 1950's, the Hearing Impared had limited choices in how to learn. The only thing that the teachers could do was sign language, the past time of hearing for the deaf. As our years progressed we had new technology. Hearing Aids are invented and a new hearing mircle has been created. Since 1995, the University of Michigan Medical School Department has a Choclear Implant Division. Hundreds of Children and Adults have had the miricle implant that would bring their hearing from Profound to Mild Hearing Loss. But this technology isn't cheap. It cost close to $40,000 to have the mini-computer to be implanted into the Choclea and $6,000 to have it activated. Those with choclear implants cannot come in contact with any or all plastic slides or anything that produces large amounts of static electricity. Static Electricty will premently destroy the computer. And a new implant must be put in the one other  good ear. If that one is destroyed, nothing else can be done. When surgeons put the mini computer into the implantee's ear, it permantly destroys it, and it cannot be used again for another implant.

So know a days more students learn how to speak instead of sign and learn how to use the remaining hearing they have. The one school in the Kent Intermediate School District that specializes in Hearing Impared Education is Shawnee Park Elementary School in Grand Rapids,Michigan. Another school that mainstreams hearing impared students through regular education is Grandville Public Schools. A few other schools also help in the effort.

Print this out for notes for our test in one month. Our next lesson will come on April 30,2000.
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Chapter 1 Lesson 1
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