dealelection Miss Deal
South Thibodaux Elementary  
Learn more about Election 2000.  Read all information carefully.

I have divided activities among groups.  There are also activities that each of you should do individually.

Individual Assignments:
1. Scavenger Hunt
2. Java Game
3. Hangman

Group Assignments:
Visit the link next to your group and find out how
George W. Bush and Al Gore feel about each issue.

Group 1 [The Task Force]
Group 2 [The Time Machine]
Group 3 [The Determinators]
Group 4 [The Motivators]
Group 5 [The Super Sleuths]
Group 6 [The Leap Frogs]

Bonus:  Visit that last link and find out our state's elected officials.  Which one is from Chackbay?

Early Finishers:
Create a postcard.
Take some quizzes.
Cast your vote.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Election 2000 Scavenger Hunt
Seek and find some information.
Election 2000 Thesaurus
Practice your election vocabulary.
Election 2000 Thesaurus
Practice spelling your election vocabulary.
Useful links
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