deanofmath Mrs. Dean
Katy Junior High 7th Math teacher
Welcome to Dean of Math Webpage Week of October 23- 28, 2000 6th week of the 2nd Six Weeks PreAP/GT classes Monday: Classify Triangles 5-2 (8.2 A,C)Identify triangles by their sides and angles. Homework P5-2 Tuesday: Quiz on Section 5-1 and 5-2 (8.2 A,C) 5-3A Hands-on lab on Networks Wednesday: Identify Quadrilaterals 5-3(8.2A,C) Practice 5-3 Thursday: Congruent Triangles 5-4 and 5-5(8.2A,C) page 212 #8-18 Friday: Similar Triangles 5-6 (8.2 A,C) P5-6 Tuesday: Test on Geometry Academic Class Monday: Solving Expression Tuesday: Writing Expressions and Equations Wednesday: More equations and expressions Thursday: Quiz on Equations and Expression Friday: Work on Census Tables for Computer Project
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