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Cicero-North Syracuse High School  
Resources to study the Decades
The links and resources below have been compiled by the library media specialists at Cicero-North Syracuse High School library.

Electronic Resources:
SIRS Decades
Access SIRS Decades:
Go to:

Username: ______________________

Password: _______________________

Want to know more? You can search specific topics in the Galenet Discovering Collection and the Virtual Library found on the District Website's Library Reference page.
To search both collections at once:
Click on Resources.
Click on Library Resources.
Click on Business and Company Resource Center.
Click on Proceed.
Uncheck the "Select All" box to deselect all databases.
Click the check boxes next to the Discovering Collection and the Gale Virtual Reference Library.
Click the blue submit button towards the top of the page.
Enter your topic and click in the subject search button.
If you get too many results, try using the Advanced Search link and be more specific.

To access GaleNetwork from home:
Go to:

Type in: ___________________

Do you want to access photographs?
Try using the Accunet/AP Multimedia Database or EBSCO Images.

Click on Resources.
Click on Library Resources.
Click on Accunet/AP Multimedia Database.
Type in your topic and and click search.
Note: Enclose names in single quotations.
Example: 'Douglas Macarthur'
You can use Boolean search terms in your search to narrow results.
Example: 'Douglas Macarthur' AND return
Note: In some cases, you may want to try narrowing by date range.
Add the following to the when field:
from 01/01/1950 to 12/31/1959

To access the Accunet/AP Multimedia database from home:
Go to:

Username: ____________________    

Password: _____________________

Another source of images is EBSCO.
Click on Resources.
Click on Library Resources.
Click on EBSCO.
Click on MAS Ultra - School Edition.
Click on the images link.
Enter your search term.

To access EBSCO at home:
Go to:

Username: _____________________     

Password: _____________________

Useful links
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