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Beaver Falls High School Business Department
Week of May 1 - 5, 2000 Financial Management - room 271 Monday and Tuesday - Insurance Unit - #6 in workbook We will complete all Student activities. Wednesday - Computer lab - our activity will include research on Property Insurance Thursday - Complete Unit 6 Friday - end of Unit 6 test Business Math - room 271 We are continuing our "insurance" unit. Monday - property insurance handout and workbook page 137. Tuesday - complete property insurance and then begin health insurance unit with a handout w/problems Wednesday - workbook problems on property insurance Thursday - begin auto insurance unit with handout and problems. Friday - in computer lab - research online Computer Literacy - room 270 This week we will begin our personal Powerpoint presentation. Hardcopy will be submitted on Friday the 5th. 1. 10 - 12 slides based on your autobiography 2. You need to include text, ClipArt, Autoshapes, and personal photo. 3. You may use design templates or you own creation. 4. Slide transition and custom animation are optional.
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