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John Doe High School ROP Business/Computer Technology Instructor
Welcome to the ROP Business/Computer Technology class!!!

Prepare for a career in the world of business by developing computer technology skills vital to the workplace. You will produce business documents using word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software.

You will also:
*Acquire/improve keyboarding skills
*Operate business equipment
*Apply alpha/numeric filing procedures
*Demonstrate telephone etiquette
*Manage time and projects
*Develop interpersonal skills
*Examine employer/employee interactions
*Evaluate professional career options
*Develop job preparation skills

Internships may be available in the following areas:
Account - Information Clerk
Accounting Clerk
Audit Clerk
Billing Clerk
Billing Typist
Computer Operator
Computer Peripheral Equipment Operator
Data Entry Clerk
Distribution - Accounting Clerk
General Clerk (Clerical)
Insurance Clerk
Invoice Control Clerk
Office Helper (Clerical)
Payroll Clerk
Receiving Clerk (Clerical)
Receptionist (Clerical)

(The following outline is in accordance with the 2000/2001 Sacramento County Office of Education Regional Occupation Program.)

I - General Workplace Skills:
A. Understand the basic requirements of the ROP program.
B. Understand how personal skill development affects  
C. Understand principles of effective interpersonal skills,
    including group dynamics, conflict resolution, and
D. Understand the importance of good academic skills, 
    critical thinking, and problem solving skills in the
E. Understand principles of effective communication.
F. Understand occupational safety issues, including
    avoidance of physical hazards.

II - Career Information:
A. Understand career paths and strategies for obtaining

III - Changing Technology:
A. Understand and adapt to changing technology.

IV - Ethics In Technology:
A. Understand the importance of ethics in the industry.

V - Business Technology:
A. Demonstrate proper telephone etiquette.
B. Demonstrate proper transferring of calls and handling of
    multiple telephone lines.
C. Employ correct method of handling and recording 
    telephone messages.
D. Demonstrate use of copy machines, fax machines, mail
    machines, and their features.
E. Demonstrate proficiency in ten-key operations.

VI - Computer Operations:
A. Identify hardware components appropriate for specific
B. Explain the purpose, operation, and care of hardware
C. Identify the various types of application software and
    their purpose.
D. Demonstrate care and maintenance of software.
E. Describe various types of operating systems, 
    environments, and utilities.
F. Identify the various types of storage devices used in
    computer technology such as diskettes, networks, hard
    drives, zip drives, CDROM.
G. Select electronic storage media appropriate to the task.

VII - Internet:
A. Acquire and interpret Internet terminology.
B. Use on-line tools and resources including browsers,
    search engines, and e-mail.
C. Plan and conduct Internet searches.
D. Identify and apply proper “netiquette.”

VIII - Keyboarding:
A. Assess skill level.

IX - Records Management:
A. Understand security issues.
B. Demonstrate an understanding of confidentiality.
C. Distinguish the need for different filing systems.

X - Word Processing:
A. Examine menu, tool bar and icon familiarization.
B. Understand basic knowledge of word processing software.
C. Use formatting features of word processing program.

XI - Audio and Visual Presentation:
A. Create and modify presentation slides.
B. Select and arrange templates and graphic imports.
C. Prepare and compose animation and sounds.
D. Evaluate, examine and demonstrate presentation

XII - Spreadsheet:
A. Create, modify, and print data, test and numbers.
B. Evaluate and revise the appearance of cells.
C. Improve and arrange cells, worksheets, and workbooks.
D. Select and construct formulas and calculations.
E. Design and print charts, graphs, and tables.

XII - Database:
A. Create and modify database table.
B. Create and modify database form.
C. Select, construct, and print reports and queries.
D. Set up and merge database with form letters, mailing
    labels and envelopes.

* Lecture
* Demonstration
* Indvidual Work
* Group Work
* Hands-on Activities
* Field Trips
* Guest Speakers

* 20% - Attendence                 
* 10% - Portfolio                    
* 10% - Work Samples               
* 10% - Projects
* 20% - Test/Quiz Results          
* 30% - Supervisor Evaluations
  100%  Total                       

* 90%-100%  = A
* 80%-89%   = B
* 70%-79%   = C
* 60%-69%   = D
* Below 59% = F

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