demaso Mrs. DeMaso
Elwood CCSD 203 Mathematics/Science 6-8 instructor
Sixth Grade Math
We are studying fractions!

Sixth Grade Science
We have finally started our unit on Astronomy!  We will be learning about the moon, planets, and stars!
We need to collect our rocks for our internet project.  The schools should be sending there rocks soon!

Seventh Grade Math

The seventh grade is studying ratios and proportions.

Seventh Grade Science

In Science, we are working on the human body and will end the year studying animals.

Eighth Grade Math

The eighth grade is working with squares and square roots.

Eighth Grade Science

In Science, the students are studying electricity and magnetism.  They are working on a project concerning electricity that is due May 1.
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8th grade game
Skin, Bones, and Muscles
7th grade game
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