demetrius Mrs. Hutchinson
W.D. Spigner Elemetary Social Studies Teacher
Howdy class. How are you today? Today we are going to work on texas vocabulary. That is why you have your books. You will be looking for vocabulary words today..they are on page 160 of your book.
    First though, I want  you to each send me an e-mail. Go to the top and right of this page and you will see a place to click to send me an e-mail. Click it. Then, put your cursor on the subject line and type in your name.Next, put your cursor on the message box and type me a message. Tell me how you like computer class. When you are done, click on send at the top of the page.
    When you have done that you will be back on this page. Go to the link and start on your vocabulary.If you have any questions..THE RED CUP!!!  Mrs. Hutchinson
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