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4. Demonstrative Pronoun

(2, 4, 6, 8. What should we go demonstrate?)

The Demonstrative (From dêmônstrâre, to point out.) Points out a referent directly or indirectly referred to and distinguishes the referent from others of its class. E.g. this, that, these and those.

In Latin Hic, haec, hoc, roughly ‘this' and ille, illa, illud roughly ‘that' are declined the same as the demonstrative adjectives, but replace the noun, rather than modify it. Their function is figured the same way as for a noun. The pronoun is, ea, id, confuses the situation but is probably better considered a demonstrative only when used as an adjective, otherwise it is a personal pronoun. The demonstrative îdem, eâdem, îdem ‘the same' is also a dual natured demonstrative. Some authors consider ipse, ipsa, ipsum to be a demonstrative, others list it as an emphatic or intensive pronoun in its own category. Scott, Horn, Gummere, 1939, list iste, ista, istud ‘that or that of yours' as having a contemptious connotation.
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