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Industrial Design
Use these quizzes along with the 20th Century Furniture Designers CD program to study for the weekly class quizzes. When you review your answers, remember that the bold type statements are FALSE although the caption will say "correct."
My Quia activities and quizzes
Art Nouveau Furniture: session art nouveau furniture designers
Art Nouveau Furniture: session art nouveau
Art Deco: session art deco 1
Art Deco 2: session art deco 2
Modernist 1: session modernist 1
Modernist 2: session modernist 2
Scandinavian 1: session scandinavian 1
Scandinavian 2: session scandinavian 2
American 1: session american 1
American 2: session american 2
Eurostyle 1: session eurostyle
Postmodern 1: session postmoderm
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