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This class page consists of the following Quia games and their rules dealing with color theory:

   To locate these games, go on the internet and type in the following URL's depending on what games you want to play.
   Flashcards,matching,concentration or word search:  
   If you would like to view our class page, go to:

  1) Flash Cards:
    a.)Guess the definition that describes the term or vice-versa
    b.)Click onto the flashcard to flip
    c.)OTHER SIDE ON TOP- shows the reverse side of the flashcard first
    d.)REMOVE CARD- removes the card from the deck
    e.)TRY AGAIN LATER- gives you the chance to wait and try guessing at the card later
    f.)RESTART- puts cards back into the deck

  2) Matching:
    Find and choose the word that best fits its definition.
    a.)SIZE- lets you change the size of the cards
    b.)ANSWERS- pretty explanatory, no peeking!
    c.)NEW GAME?- lets you play again

  3) Concentration:
    Try to be psychic and uncover a matching pair of cards.
    a.)A checkmark means that the cards are a matching pair
    b.)An X means wrong
    c.)Try to achieve best score

  4) Word Search:
    Search for the terms in the puzzle that can appear horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; forwards or backwards.
    a.)Press ANSWERS to see where all the terms are hidden

  5) Hangman:
    Just guess the letters of the term that you think may match up with the hidden phrase.
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The Elements of Color and Color Theory
The Elements of Color and Color Theory
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