desocialstudies Orval Foraker
Delaware Department of Education Curriculum and Instructional Improvement Branch DOE Teacher in Residence
Utilizing E-mail and your Browser to Find and Organize Resources

Orval Foraker  NCCVT/DOE  11:15AM-12:00Noon 3/23/00

This presentation demonstrates how you can use your computer to support the teaching of the State Social Studies Standards.  The presenter will share with participants numerous resources directly connected to the standards by providing you a copy of his bookmarks, and some word documents.  The presentation will show you how to import these resources to your own computer.

Welcome                                       5 Minutes


*Bookmarks/Favorites,Word Documents on disk    5 Minutes

How to use:

Email to locate and organize resources?      10 Minutes

Bookmarks to locate and organize resources?  10 Minutes

Word to locate and organize resources?       10 Minutes

Questions                                     5 Minutes
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