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Please take this survey first if you have not already done so: The secret word is my last name.

Please practice the activities below as often as you need to review for your final exam. Focus on the areas you need the most practice with. Remember to look under "Useful links" for additional activities. There are many important activities there.

I will continue calling up students to do their oral exams. 

I will periodically be checking on you to make sure you are on task. Don't disappoint me. There are points associated with being on task when I look at your screen.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Question Words
Question words-Kapitel 2, DA 1
Question Words / Fragewörter
Question Words Quiz
haben and sein_K3_Sent and ? Forms
Regular Verb Conjugation Benchmark
First Verbs Conjugation Quiz
Im Klassenzimmer, DA 1 K4
Days of the week
German Days of the Week and Numbers 1-100
Kapitel 2 - Die Zeit
Wie spät ist es?
Time and Numbers in German
Articles - Nominative and Accusative, DA 1 K1-4A
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