Deutsch 3H Review for Winter Final 2014
Ben Davis High School  
Please take the survey first. The secret word is my last name. The survey is anonymous. Only do the survey one time. Please be as honest as you can. This information will help me continue to improve as your teacher.

Please complete the activities below to review for your test. Focus on those activities with which you need the most help. Do not overlook the activities under Useful Links, especially the link to my Quizlet page.

As always, I will be checking on your progress throughout the class period. Please don't disappoint me by being off task.

Here is what is on your final exam:

Grammar: Subordinating and Coordinating Conjunctions (7 pts), Perfekt (10 pts), Possessives in Dative (4 pts), Reflexive Pronouns (4 pts)

Vocab: Body Parts, Sickness, Oktoberfest book, Food/Cooking - 10 pts each section

Culture and History: Oktoberfest (5 pts), Berlin Wall (10 pts), The Lives of Others film (5 pts)

Reading Comprehension: Health and Illness (5 pts), Eating and Meeting (5 pts)

Literature: Oktoberfest book (10 pts), Erlkönig (5 pts)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Class and Teacher Evaluation
Sein oder Haben? (PERFEKT)
Review Perfekt 3. Jahr QUIZ
Als, Wenn, Wann, oder Ob?
Conjunction Übungen
Word order and conjunctions
Oktoberfest Wortschatz für den Test
Oktoberfest Cloze Activity
Oktoberfest Book Content Review
Possessive Pronouns Matching
A simple review
Possessive Adjective Drills for Level 1
More practice
Deutsch III Possessive Adjektive Wiederholung
Uses possessive pronouns in different cases (so watch your endings!)
Die Berliner Mauer und Wiedervereinigung
AVE German II-2 Final
Useful links
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