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Guten Tag!

Wilkommen! Habt Ihr eine gute Ferien gehabt?
Welcome! Did you have a good vacation?

In Januar we will work on Lektion 4. We will talk about the weather and give reports on weather conditions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We will also look at popular movies in Europe.

On the grammar side, we will learn about indefinite articles (That's a and an in English.) in both nominative and accusative cases. In addition, we'll learn how to give commands, make negative sentences and express liking for something.

Use the links below to study the vocabulary for this chapter. It's a long list!

If you would like to take a practice quiz (or two or three!) on the definite articles that go with the nouns, click on Quiz Session at the bottom of this page. The password for this quiz is "Lektion 4 definite articles."
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Lektion 4 nouns
Practice the definitions of Lektion 4 nouns here.
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