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Deutsche Rundherum
Deutsch Rundherum

Description and Evaluation Criteria


Collect examples of German which you run across in your daily life!  Three categories should be represented and organized in seperate sections of your notebook:

1.  German in the News - Deutschaktuelle.

Articles from magazines or newspapers about German, Germany, German speaking countries or regions, culture.

2.  German I hear - Deutsch dass ich höre.

Document when and where you hear German words or phrases:  TV, radio, movies, stories, school, etc.

3.  German I see - Deutsch daß ich sehe.

Labels, wrappers, instructions, recipes, game instructions, etc.

Organize the material

Label completely:  dates, places, names
Present it attractively on a page:  artistic merit counts!


Detach this portion and turn it in with your project.  Don't forget your name and class period at the bottom.


_____ 20 Neatness

_____ 20  Originality, artistic presentation

_____ 20  Completeness  
           (includes at least three Dispatch news clips.)
____  20  Effort - # of entries in each category - on time

____  20  Organization - Easy to follow and read, etc.

_____      Nature of entries

         _____  5  interesting

         _____  5  relevant

         _____  5  accurate

         _____  5  appropriate

         _____  5  current

_____  125  Total

Name ___________________________

Klasse _________________________
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