devilchild09 Ashley Hughes
Hey everybody wassup?? Nuttin much here!! Well for the people who don't know me i am Ashley. I go to Beck JH and am in the 7th grade. Now i am goin to tell you what i look like: I have brown hair with natural gold highlights, green/blue eyes and i am about 5'3''. Well that's all about what i look like.  I wanna give a shout-out to all of my friends at Beck JH. Alaire, Hillary, Angela, Vanessa, Amanda k, Amanda h, Monica, Sara, Whitney, Amy, Becky, Allie, Ericka, Faduma, Christina, Katie, Allison, Patrick, Alex, Todd, and if i missed ya i am sooooooo sorry! Well blah blah blah blah! Aren't i boring?? Well i am usually not this boring. Well i like to play softball, basketball and football. I like watching basketball, football, and hockey. I also enjoy swimming and horseback riding. I also enjoy doing nothing, and sitting on my bed staring at the fan go round-and-round. I also like talking on the phone, goin to the movies and the mall. Well i think i have talked enough! Have a good day!!
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